The Australian LPG Warehouse leads the way with future LPG Technology. Being the first company to introduce a mono fuel LPG system for Toyota Camry Hybrid in Australia. We also offer Dual Fuel LPG systems for the Toyota Camry Hybrid.

As the preferred supplier to some of Australia’s leading taxi fleets in both Melbourne and Sydney, our SVI systems keep your taxi on the road longer whilst  saving you dollars.

Typical LPG Consumption:

LPG Falcon                       – 5 to 5.5km/litre around city
LPG Camry Hybrid            – 10 to 11km/litre around city

Keep your boot space by using an Australian LPG Warehouse Hybrid LPG kit. Contact us for more details on 1300 LPG NOW or (03) 9770 2287

An LPG Camry Hybrid might be the difference between profit or loss in your taxi fleet!

Call us to arrange installation or a free quote. You wont believe how cheap you can operate your LPG Hybrid Camry Taxi!

We also offer LPG systems and conversions for Falcon, Commodore and Aurion taxis. Click on the downloads link to find our taxi brochures.

Contact us to find out about our 5 year unlimited electronics warranty for your taxi!