The Australian LPG Warehouse was the 1st company to commercialise Liquid Injection in Australia. Our JTG Liquid Injection System delivers better fuel economy & more power than other LPG systems on the market.

Our JTG system injects the LPG into the inlet manifold as a liquid. When the liquid enters the inlet manifold it vaporizes. The effect of vapourizing dramatically cools the incoming air stream to provide a more dense charge of air and fuel entering the combustion chamber (similar to inter cooling on turbocharged cars). The benefit is a more efficient combustion providing more power and as a result lowering fuel consumption.

JTG Liquid Injection is manufactured by Icom of Italy. Icom is a very innovative company originally specializing in the production of LPG cylinders.

Icom was the first in the world to produce a toroidal LPG tank (donut tank), designed to fit into the space taken by the spare wheel of the vehicle. With expertise in building LPG tanks, Icom then introduced a fuel pump into the cylinder and further developed the JTG system. The JTG system is offered with both Toroidal tanks and conventional cylinder tanks here in Australia.

JTG has been sold around the world for over a decade and has been now available in Australia since 2006.
The engineering team at The Australian LPG Warehouse have thoroughly tested the JTG system on Australian vehicles with excellent results.

One of our test vehicles was a Melbourne taxi which travelled over 800,000km on LPG. JTG systems are now available for many Australian and imported vehicle models for the aftermarket.

JTG for High Performance?  РYes we have used our JTG liquid injection system to enhance the performance of many turbo charged and super charged street cars. We have produced over 400kW @ the rear wheels on super charged performance enhanced Commodores. Another customer converted a VZ 6lt V8 Holden ute which ran a 1/4 mile time of 12.31 sec reaching 185 km per hour, all on LPG. Turbo Charged Falcons are also a popular vehicle to convert using JTG Liquid Injection.


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