Kit Specifications

Part Number: J-HO-COM9702S61
System Type: Icom JTG Liquid Injection
Make: Holden
Model: Commodore
Year: 9702
Code: VT-VX
Body: Sedan
Engine: 6 Cyl
Cylinder Size: B/h seat-360X950 (86/69l) 

Toroidal-240X650 (63/50l)

Cylinder Location: Cyl B/Hind SeatInt Toroidal


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Why should I get a gas conversion?

Whether you have a fleet of vehicles, a run-about car, or a recreational vehicle for weekends away, a gas conversion can deepen your hip pocket – and the environment will thank you for it.

A gas conversion can:

  1. Save you up to 60% off your fuel bill
  2. Let your car run with fewer emissions
  3. Lengthen the life of your engine

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