Europegas is an innovative company in Polland that develops it’s own electronics and software. For this reason, the Europegas Sequential Vapour Injection Systems has the latest generation software that will make your vehicle run better on LPG. Europegas also offer a 5 year warranty with their products. The best warranty coverage in the Australian market!

Sequential Vapour Injection

The Europegas SVI LPG system follows the petrol injection pulse and the system is intergrated with the engines on board diagnostic system. When LPG is selected, the Europegas processor turns the petrol injectors off and allows the correct amount of LPG energy to be delivered to the engine. The vehicle drivability is the same as petrol. The system is constantly adjusting itself to deliver the best drivability and fuel consumption.

Europegas systems are the preferred LPG systems for Taxi Operators across Australia. Our taxi customers know that their vehicles will stay on the road for longer earning money due to the outstanding reliability. This is why Europegas offer a 5 year warranty on components.


LPG sytems for diesel engines: 

The Europegas Diesel-LPG System has been developed to work on Common Rail diesel engines. Other diesel gas systems add LPG to the normal dose of diesel that the engine receives. The Europegas system removes up to 50% of the diesel and replaces it with LPG. The benefits are better torque and improved fuel consumption. This system can extend your driving range when in remote places. Also available are power and economy modes. Contact us on 1300 LPG NOW for more information.


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