Emer LPG Systems are developed in Italy by Emer SpA who are part of The Westport Group of Companies. Emer manufacture the key components of the system to ensure quality control and customer satisfaction. LPG Regulators, Injectors, Filters and electronic components are all produced by companies within the Westport Group.


We perform our own Research and Development of components at our premises in Milan. We have our own Emission Laboratory where we test and prove our system compliance. Our team of technicians work together with our agents across the word to provide high quality customer support. Our computerised warehouse and production facility deliver the correct parts on time all over the world.


Our LPG Injectors are high quality and provide great results in drivability and emissions due to the fast opening time of the injector. This is achieved by our special design of the light weight injector disc. We are a Quality Assured Company that supplies OE (Original Equipment) companies.


We are proud of our Association with The Australian LPG Warehouse, as together we can provide perfect LPG solutions to the Australian Market!