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  • Enjoy the savings that a gas system in your vehicle has to offer without the initial cost outlay.
  • Piece of mind knowing that you are saving the environment whilst saving hard earned money.
  • Have your vehicle fitted with the best LPG systems in Australia by one of our installers, Australia wide.
  • Piece of mind knowing that you are saving the environment whilst saving hard earned money

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If you are getting the run around from your LPG Mechanic and they are unable to repair your LPG system, call us for free technical advice! Every week we see customers spend good money to repair their LPG vehicles only to find out that the problem is still there. Don’t waste time and money, contact us first for advice that will often save you money. Our technical line has experienced mechanics waiting for your call.

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Convert Your Vehicle to L.P.G. Today

You may have heard of a gas conversion but never considered it for yourself. You could be missing out on savings at the pump of up to 50%.

Your L.P.G. conversion has the potential to pay itself off in under 12 months. This would be a very wise investment, would it not?

Here are some more reasons to convert your vehicle to L.P.G…

  • Save money at the pump every week when you fill your vehicle
  • Know that you are doing the right thing by the environment
  • We will organize transport on the day of your conversion
  • All systems are provided with a 5 year peace of mind warranty

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Our Gas Technology

At The Australian LPG Warehouse we were tired of seeing LPG systems installed to Australian cars by workshops and mechanics that did not know what they were doing. We decided to raise the bar in the Australian market by intrucing quality LPG Injection systems that matched the vehicles petrol performance.

We introduced these injection systems and developed them by tuning all driving conditions on a chassis dyno where we could measure and compare the performance on LPG with the petrol. The results are fantastic! These results drove us further away from older technology and allowed us to promote our products with confidence. We know that if you purchase any of our LPG Injection Systems developed for our vehicle list, the results will impress you.

All of our vehicle tunes are calibrated in our Research & Development facility in Melbourne and saved for download into your LPG processor as part of the kit. Our warehouse then pick and pack your kit complete with the pre programmed vehicle file and dispatch the kit to our LPG workshop in your area. Only trained and authorised workshops have access to our systems and products.

Our 3 systems of choice include Europegas, Emer and JTG Liquid injection. Each system providing their own unique benefits. Check out our products pages to view each products advantages and choose the right system for you!.

From The Taxi Man:

“I run a business selling Toyota Camry’s to the taxi industry here in Melbourne. I can’t afford any problems or down time for my customers. We use LPGiQ to install our Camry’s to run on LPG. The performance and durability of their gas kits is fantastic. The service that we get from the guys at LPGiQ is excellent! I wouldn’t go anywhere else for LPG conversions.”

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