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The Australian LPG Warehouse is an industry leader lpg gas conversions, when it comes to innovative automotive LPG systems.

We understand what our customers want:
  • Reliable LPG systems
  • National service network
  • Unbeatable warranty (Our Europegas Injection system comes with a 5 year warranty)
  • Lowest LPG repair costs

 Our focus is to make your vehicle run well on LPG. This is achieved by using the best products for the right application. We also like to make sure your gas conversion is at the highest standards. Our R&D department is constantly pushing for better solutions. We were the first company to introduce Liquid lpg Injection technology and now lpg conversions are carried out on Toyota hybrids.

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Let the leaders in LPG Automotive system development, guide you through your LPG conversion, call us now.

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Recent News

22/5/2012 Latest vehicle range

Go to the download area for the latest vehicle range of Vehicles for LPG conversion Read More

2/5/2012 Further LPG Price Drop

Latest pricing information.
Further  to last months large drop in LPG Pricing, the pricing structure which fuel suppliers use as an indicator. Show another 14% drop in pricing.

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3/4/2012 LPG Price forecast to drop.

The forecast LPG price according to LPGA Australia website shows a 19.5% decrease in LPG pricing for April 2012. Read More

13/3/2012 LPG Diesel

Diesel lpg System          
· Increase your fuel range by injecting LPG
· A 600KM range can be turned into a 900km range 
· Open road driving can reduce your fuel cost by 40%
· Increase your mid range power/torque
· LPG Injection

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